DabKick Releases Feature-Rich Update to
Its Free Live Video and Photo Communications App

New Functionality Allows Users to Listen to Music Together
and Easily Find and Connect Live with Friends and Family

(San Francisco, CA) – May 2, 2013 – DabKick, the company that is changing the way people communicate remotely, today announced a major update to its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app, DabKick, available now on the App Store. With DabKick, users and their friends and family can watch videos and show photos together at the same time while they talk and chat live on their iOS device. Developed to facilitate a more interactive, “live” mobile experience, DabKick users feel as though they were physically looking at the same screen together at the same time.

DabKick allows friends to chat live within the app and talk like they are on a walkie-talkie while showing photos and videos instantly. The app is simple to navigate as users easily swipe through videos and photos on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which glide across their friend’s screen at the same time. Plus, the friend can swipe through the user’s media (via the app) and show other web videos or pictures from their own device. What’s more, users can show their photos even to those that do not have the DabKick app installed on their device. And, if friends or family are not available for a live session, users can send offline messages to them along with any media they want to share.

With a fast growing community of highly engaged members, DabKick’s update delivers the ability to listen to music together with friends and interact live at the same time, as well as to find, discover and connect live with friends and other DabKick members without revealing any personal information. Perfect for users of all ages, DabKick delivers a greatly enhanced, feature-rich experience every time. 

The app’s new “Music Layer” allows users to:

    •    Listen to free music from YouTube together while looking at photos and videos in a live session.

    •    Access friends’ songs and listen to them together.

    •    Invite friends to listen to songs while they also voice chat and message at the same time.

    •    Listen to music by themselves while showing photos to a friend.

    •    Join their friends and listen to what they are playing.

    •    Listen to your music collections or other’s music collections even when not in a live session. Create a playlist instantly with free songs from YouTube.   

    •    Play songs in the background using the standard music player controls from the lock screen.

When using the app by themselves, people can search and discover songs (from YouTube) and create audio playlists in seconds.  Users can also access playlists created by other DabKick members and special playlists curated by the editorial team at DabKick.

With the newly integrated “Social” features, users can:

    •    Add friends and interact with them live using “DabName” (without revealing their personal information - phone number and email).

    •    Distribute their unique “DabName” so anyone can "friend" them and then start connecting live.

    •    See the streams of their DabKick friends to explore what their friends are “Dabbing” (whatever the friends are comfortable sharing publicly, otherwise everything is kept private).

    •    Discover new people from the "Recent Dabbers" section to see what is trending and add friends.

    •    Browse through the users within DabKick and add anyone as a friend and “Dab” them to interact live and watch media together. Remove anyone from the friends list anytime.

    •    Browse through the ‘Dabbed’ media created by others in DabKick and “ReDab” them to friends.

“DabKick changes the way people communicate via their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,” said Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO of DabKick. “With DabKick, people can easily enjoy media together and interact live with anyone around the world, even with those that don’t have the app. And, with the new update, users can now listen to music together with their friends and connect in a more engaging way than ever before possible via mobile.”

The DabKick App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at www.AppStore.com or https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dabkick/id540258308?mt=8.

Screen shots and other press materials: www.dabkick.com/press.

About DabKick

Founded by Balaji Krishnan, DabKick touts itself as the company changing the way people communicate remotely.  Stemming from challenges Krishnan saw with how friends and family were unable to show and share media when not together, DabKick was created to facilitate a more natural, “live” Smartphone experience as though users were physically looking at the same screen together at the same time.  The app itself is feature-rich, both in its “live” and “offline” modes, even allowing users to communicate with others who do not have the app.  For more information, visit www.dabkick.com.

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